TERA’s Reloaded Update Comes to Console

    BIG news, TERA’s newest console update is here, and everyone is welcoming the update with jubilance. TERA’s Reloaded update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was announced to kick start TERA’s anniversary month. TERA’s anniversary celebration brings many changes starting with the introduction of a new class: Elin Gunner, introduces Guardian Legion scenarios, hauls out a new endgame gear progression system, and brings back a whopping 13 dungeons. To Encourage TERA players to try out new characters, En Masse got a month-long leveling event planned for all characters, with a special reward package for gunners who reach level 65 by Wednesday, April 30 at midnight UTC.

    There are more goodies that come with the packages of TERA’s Reloaded update. To tie everything together, En Masse Entertainment prepared a weekly event cycle to help you get the most out of the new update: