The awaited Prime Reboot of Niantic’s Ingress is live

    Ingress is one of Niantic’s best achievements in the gaming industry. The company is well known for its creativity and successful swings at mobile games. Just like Pokémon Go, Ingress hit a huge success when it came out. The company does well on augmented reality on mobile games.

    To continue this success, Niantic worked on many projects to update Ingress. The updates include cool AR tools for the popular mobile game.

    The new Ingress Prime is a full remake of the original title and is free to play. Fans who have the old game should only update the app and they receive the update, with their entire log in information and progress transferred to the new game.

    Niantic had plans to work on updates for Pokémon Go as, but they focused on their first hit game Ingress instead. Maybe we should expect an update Pokémon Go with some advanced AR tools as well.