Finally Bless Online Launches Open beta

    In the past years, Bless Online was thrown in whirlwind. The popular Korean MMORPG’s faith kept rolling from Aeria / Gamigo to Neowiz. Finally Neowiz decided to keep the game and launched strategies to acquire new audience from the west.  The game was accessible a few months ago in May 2018.

    Game in trouble!

    The game did not get the best reception at all. The game had some downtime, duping, location issues, raining bad reviews, refunds, balance problems, hacking, and insufficient content,not to mention the issues with the merging server and corruption influencer. However, Neowiz didn’t five up on reaching the western and it kept plugging away at the game.

    The studio came out with many releases and explanations following their failure. The representatives of the studio honestly stated that they thoroughly know the MMO genre fans but this move to reach the western audience is new to them. They proclaim that they don’t regret their decisions and their focus is on the long term, as this is just bump in the road of success. Furthermore,  still focus and aspire to reach the new audience segment, as it is the ultimate goal of Bless Online since the start. The studio representatives also announced that they support their initial decision to launch the game on Steam. Now, they’re moving forward and working on attaining a more global audience.

    The launch of the beta version is today!

    As promised by the developers of the game, the game will launch in full open beta. Moreover, anyone can go ahead and try the game as it will now go free to play. Players can get a full feel of the game with this version, but they have to buy gear, skins and costumes. Also, loyalty is rewarded.  Players stuck around the updates, the bugs and all the issues will get early access and goodies.