Warcraft III: Reforged announced its support of original’s custom games

    Loyal old-school RTS fans received a huge announcement from BlizzCon this year. The full remake of  Warcraft III’s news: Reforged, the studio’s most renowned and popular RTS game. Players are always thrilled to okay and try out  remastered versions of  Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne  campaigns. However, with this announcement, Reforged will give players the opportunity to relive the past glorious days of Warcraft III’ modding community. Most importantly, Blizzard plan to include in the remake all  the community-created gamemodes and maps that were present in the original game.

    It’s definitely something to wait for, especially with the breathtaking and stunning community-created content of  Warcraft III. The original Warcraft III had a huge mixture of custom maps and gamemodes. Blizzard want to restore this content in Reforged. In addition to some other popular modes such as:  Defense of the Ancients that was the origins and rise of f the entire MOBA genre as we know it.

    The remake will be on the same engine as the original Warcraft III. Communities of both versions will be able to play with each other.  Hence, retro players who love nostalgia and boom community who prefer novelty will learn a lot from each other.