Worlds Adrift

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Worlds Adrift is sandbox MMO games by Bossa Studios. The game is unscripted and is set in a world that changes with players actions. This unique MMO games comes with an intriguing storyline of a troubled universe that was destroyed due to over mining the Atlas stone, a precious levitating mineral.  Now, the planet surface is made of floating islands that are scattered with artefacts from past fallen civilizations and full of the precious mineral. Your quest is to seek the fallen history of this destroyed universe. Players will gather a crew and build a stunning legendary skyship in order to escape to the clouds. Worlds Adrift's developers can simulate real world physics through the use of Improbable unique technology. This technique is impressive and puts the game on high level of development, in order to provide thousands of players with th ebest real-time experience.

Worlds Adrift Key Features: 

  • A Reactive World: The Worlds Adrift environment is realistic, every action taken by player persists. Items and other environment elements don't move or change until players interact with them. Creatures will respond to attacks; however, a fallen tree, a destroyed ship, and wreckage will stay put until its gets harvested by another player or rust till the end of times. 
  • Multiplayer with Physics: All elements have their own specific weight and physics. This real life option doesn't apply to strong skyships and masterful crews. They can use physics to their advantage such as: penetrating powerful wind walls, in order to unleash some devastating attacks.
  • Cooperation: Players can team up with each other in order to be more powerful. You can join an alliance in order to share equipment, attack enemies, explore and defend the world. Players can choose unique gameplay roles to support each other of skyships. 
  • Craft and Customize: Ride your own unique skyship to explore the skies and in the limitless Worlds Adrift universe. You control your ship's performance, speed, and combat options. So make sure to choose the design that suits your needs. 
  • Freeform Gameplay: This sandbox offers you a great free experience with unique gameplay. You create your own adventure on this uniquely designed game. You don't have to finish any quests or missions, and there nor rules or boundaries. You build up your skill level and advance in the game by  by accumulating knowledge and artefacts.