World of Warplanes

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World of Warplanes is popular massively multiplayer online game developed by Wargaming. The game is from the "Saga of War" that also includes: World of Tanks and World of Warships. The game is set in the golden air battles in history age. In World of Warplanes players will explore massive battle fields and smoky skies. You will immerse in long thrilling battle for air superiority, following traces of tanks from the previous game.

Players will compete against teams in some thrilling and fierce battles. Each team consists of 15 people and will hold the battles in the smoky skies or on other maps. Teams achieve victory and get supremacy points by: destroying targets of enemy’s ground or destroying planes of enemies. You will have to be strategic in your play style and showcase some qualities such as: analyzing opponents’ behavior and teamwork. Every player in World of Warplanes has an impact on battles; therefore teamwork and communication are essential.

The game represents a challenging and innovative period for aircrafts in the history of aviation engineering. You will start you aviation career with the biplanes of 1930, and then you will have the opportunity to discover other stunning World War II aircrafts. Also, as you advance in the game, you will have access to some legendary aircrafts from the Korean War, which are the basis for modern aviation.

Machines in World of Warplanes have their own performance characteristic and history to be discovered during the battles. You– the pilot – can use three types of machines: hunters, heavy fighters and assault planes. Each machine type has it characteristics: heavy fighters have deadly weapons, hunters are trained for short range, and assault planes can destroy ground targets.