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Wizard101 is a cartoon based MMORPG developed and published by KingsIsle Entertainment. Although Wizard101 is primarily aimed at the younger gaming audience, there are dozens of features that can appeal to even the most hardcore of MMO fans. Players are thrown into a world torn in conflict between the forces of light and dark, where you create your very own wizard, a fearless student with the hopes of the world rested on their shoulders. The character customization is quite thorough allowing you to choose various aspects of your character including facial style and clothing. You can also choose your own name, although it's limited as you're forced to choose 3 different names based on a large predefined list. This is just one of the great features for parents, knowing that there won't be any foul or dirty usernames.

The most appealing aspect to Wizard101 is the unique turn-based combat system. The battle takes place around a sphere, with each position available to be taken by both enemy and friendly units. Players can freely join other combat spheres, allowing for easy back up during a tough fight or to share quest objectives. Once players are in place, the combat begins. Each player, and enemy, must select a card to play from the available cards in their deck. The card types vary and offer everything from damage and buffs to heals and blocking. The offensive cards are easily one of the best aspects of the game. Each attacking card is accompanied by some of the best animations ever seen in MMO RPG games. Within minutes of creating your character you can summon giant minotaurs, swarms of bees or a mutated tree. Each card also affects the environment around the sphere for the duration of the attack, changing the terrain to a mountainous or forest region.