Winterfrost Legacy

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Winterfrost Legacy is a stunning free to play MMORPG developed by R2Games.  Winterfrost Legacy is an epic fantasy game based on a book by the same title. The game is set in a troubled land which is now invaded by northern enemies. Your mission in Winterfrost Legacy is to bring order back peace and order to the world.  You start your quest by picking one of the four available classes: Mage, Shaman, Warrior or Rogue. Stand against the northern invaders and build a team of mercenaries and guardians as you advance in the storyline. Gain rare items and rewards by teaming up with your friends and fight some threatening world bosses. The inhabitants of this colorful and rich fantasy world consist of various races and mystical creatures. Advance in the game and defeat threatening evil by saving your family, unifying

Winterfrost Legacy Key Features:

  • Turn-based Combat: fight enemies in some thrilling fast RPG turn-based battles.
  • Mercenary System: build your own strong team to face the enemy. Recruit mercenaries with proper characteristics: strengths and weaknesses.
  • PvP Modes: Enjoy some fights against other players in the Arena mode. Gain buffs and destroy you enemies in the game's battleground map.
  • Team Formations: reap party bonuses and strategically recruit and manage mercenaries to make the most out of their capabilities.  
  • Meditation: earn experience (even when offline) by unlocking the meditation feature.
  • Chaos Chess: Yes, you can even gain experience points and rewards by battling ancient warriors on a massive chessboard.