Winning Putt

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Winning Putt is a free to play RPG game developed by Webzen and Namco Bandai. Winning Putt is a unique golf simulator game and an unusual addition to the Webzen’ list of MMORPG titles. Winning Putt mostly targets golf fans, but it is also developed for newbies who like sports games and want to try new games. In Winning Putt you will become a professional golfer. You can create your character and enjoy various gameplay modes. You can choose a character from two types of classes. Then you have access to customization options, skills set, and more gear. Players can enjoy challenges on different golf fields and PvP game modes.

You can choose one of two available golf players based on: power and accuracy. Every golfer you choose will determine your game style in the game. Accuracy players are good with hitting balls into specific directions, hence, the accuracy. Power golfers have the force to hit the balls. Winning Putt golf players have their own stats stamina, swing, accuracy, clubs and other golf skills. When you join the game, you will start with basic skills and tools, as you advance in the game, you will have access to more gear. Equipment and gear include: GPS devices, gadgets, and caddies. Players can also enjoy some snacks to maintain their stamina during games.