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WARFRAME is a unique free to play online game by Digital Extremes. This third person action game is set in an evolving and intriguing sci-fi world. Join WARFRAME and engage in some thrilling PvE raids along your friends. Master the Wareframes power, explore this unique sci-fi world, and roam around the solar system. Protect the world and fight against threatening enemies, on your own or with other players. You start the game by living the victory of Grineer over the Tenno, and you have to start arming yourself warframes, an ancient powerful exo-skeletal technology. Warframes are dormant in the Orokin Derelicts of a lost civilization. Look for and discover these powerful artifacts, in order to help the Tenno survive. 

Discover and master these powerful artifacts to become a renowned warrior in the world WARFRAME. Warriors are the hope for the survival and protection of the old war survivors, who were left roaming the ruins of war.