Uncharted Waters Online

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Uncharted Waters Online is a high-seas MMORPG. The game comes with the most thrilling and unique features. Uncharted Waters Online has many neutral cities for players to conquer in order to support their nation. Small scale battles in this thrilling game are massive 100v100 naval battles that put the PvP mode on another level. You can receive many awards when conquering a city. You can gain access to NPCs with unique quests and missions, or you can simply get discounts in the city’s stores. Invest some gold in your city and help the economic and political aspects of the game by investing gold and expand your nation’s influence.

In addition to the mentioned unique and thrilling available features, Uncharted Waters Online grants you customizable housing and farms. Player housing functions like other MMORPGs, it’s a place for you to relax. Customize your housing with the available elements and objects. Farms have similar features, and they offer players with rewards such as extra income and special unique items and consumables.

Uncharted Waters Online attracts the MMORPG with its long and unique 3 years playtime. It is one of the most extensive MMORPGs; even dedicated gamers who allocate tens of hours of playtime during the week can’t finish it quickly.