Twin Saga

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Twin Saga is an MMORPG developed by X Legend Entertainment. It is an anime MMORPG that is known in Korea as ASTRA. ASTRA was very successful and which made the developers partner with Aeria Games in order to achieve a worldwide audience. This partnership made the game available for English speaking gamer. Twin Saga is a fantasy MMORPG with an intriguing story that presents players with the two main characters: Marisa and Amaris. Marisa and Amaris are twin Goddesses (hence the Twin Saga) who are in a feud. This feud is threatening the whole world because; Amaris tries to end the human race. The kindhearted Marisa stood against her evil twin sister but she had no chance of winning alone. Twin Saga players embody an orphaned warrior who will fight under Marisa's banner to ensure mankind's survival.

Twin Saga comes with many classes with different skills and abilities to choose from and get the best out of the multi-role experience through role swapping. Players will enjoy the flexibility of easily changing characters, classes and combat style.  Housing in this MMORPG is unique, since it’s mobile and can be transported around the continent and they’re called Terracottages. Twin Saga offers customization options for the terracottages: items, workshops, cooking stations: where to make food, elixirs and potions. Players can socialize on the game by inviting friends for visits, parties, or for a relaxation session after intense PvP and PVE battles.