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Trove is a massive multiverse adventure sandbox game developed by Trion Worlds. The player chooses a character that will live across a variety of randomly created worlds that are  exploreable, buildable and destructible. in Trove each world has its own objectives, buildings and monsters. Players will live in one world from the beginning until its end, no matter how it end. Players can build and create many things in their worlds. Sometimes, the things that were created in one world, can eventually show up in another world, because with the arrival of a new world, it brings with it essence and things from the countless worlds that were created before it. Therefore, even when the world the player is in ends, players can carry some pieces from this world and keep them in theirCornerstone. The Cornerstones in  Trove will be associated to the player's journey and will follow the player from one world to the other. Also, players can share past exploits with their friends and other players in the next worlds through the cornerstone.

In Trove players will enjoy the thrill of exploring the numerous worlds. Players, can dive into the adventure of creation and destruction. The multiple worlds of Trove keep feeding the MMO lovers with the thrill of explorig a new game and new worlds within the same game. In addition, the game keeps constantly presenting players with new worlds to discover and conquer and new experience to live and play.