THRONE: Kingdom at War

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THRONE: Kingdom at War is a fun free to play real time strategy game developed by Plarium LLC. THRONE is available for both browser and mobile devices. The game has some stunning graphics that and skillfully 2D and 3D. Throne is set in medieval setting, with powerful castles, violent clans, various resources and countless enemy players to defeat.  When joining the game, your mission is to become a ruler of a kingdom which you have to protect and expand. Build a castle and train a strong army in order to defend your kingdom and defeat your enemies in order to reach you ultimate goal. Taking the throne of Amaria Kinhdom is not that easy and you have to be up to the challenge in order to succeed. Enjoy some clan warfare, complete quests, sneak on enemies, plunder resources, train an army, look for new technologies, optimize you resource use and improve your strength. In THRONE: Kingdom at War, you can fight alone or cooperate with allies in order to achieve a glorious victory. 

THRONE: Kingdom at War Key Features:

  • Construct a medieval town: you have the opportunity to build your home base from scratch and you can customize it in order to support military forces, gathered resources and more. 
  • Customize your Hero: you can customize you character and add up useful skills and strong gear based on your preferred play style.
  • Train and command an army: gather and train an army of Knights, Scouts, Scouts, Archeress,Spearmen,Cavalry,and more.
  • Join an order: build alliances, create your own clans or cooperate with fellow Lords to lead the fight against your opponents and conquer the kingdom. 
  • Global tournaments: get Reputation bonus and Silver tribute through participating in tournaments take part in tournaments.