The West

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The West is a free to play cowboy MMO developed by InnoGames. This unique browser game is cowboy themed and set in the Wild West. Players start by creating their game avatars. You can choose one of the four available classes of characters. The West has many features such as: engaging in duels, taking quests, and joining multiplayer battles. Since its release in 2008, the game had a major update in its 2.0 version. The update had a redesigned map and game interface, an overhauled job system and more. When joining The West, face dangers of the Wild West and take on the role of a greenhorn. Challenge other players to thrilling duels and become a gunslinger. Master your skills and capabilities, and prove them during adventures and quests. Challenge your friends to duels, crafting or other achievements.

The West Features:

  • Four Classes: choose one of four unique classes: Worker, Dueler, Soldier, or Adventurer.
  • Duels and Poker: play poker with fellow gamers and engage in thrilling duels.
  • Towns and Fort Battles: Join some unique and unexpected strategic fort battles or join some players in the quest of building a town.