The Saga of Lucimia

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The Saga of Lucimia is a much hyped fantasy MMORPG. The Saga of Lucimia a group based game that is set in a fantasy open world. Players will spend their time exploring the sandbox environment, take matter into your own hands, and determine their own destiny.

The Saga of Lucimia offers you the best PvE experience. There is a variety of tabletop settings including dragons and dungeons. You will share your adventures with friends through meet ups, that last for several hours. The play sessions can span the course of weeks, months and years. Take your time to build a relationship with your partners, and embark in thrilling adventure.

  • Create your own story: the quests are optional and create your own adventure with friends and family.
  • Classless character system: Choose your skills and abilities carefully in order to build a character that suits your preferences.
  • Community first: the game has big online community where you can socialize and build friendships with other adventurers.
  • A Massive World: You will define the best regions, dungeons, and city zones, in this huge sandbox world.
  • Deep Lore: you will enjoy the storyline, the game play and this unique world’s characteristics.