TERA Online

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TERA Online is an MMORPG developed by KRAFTON. The developers thrive in having a real action combat system that no other MMO game offered bfore. TERA Online was released in 2011 and the game developers continued to release updates with many new features. TERA presents to its players 6 different races that they can choose from: 

  • The honest yet fierce Aman
  • The curious yet ferocious Poporis
  • The well combat balanced, gentle natured Baraka
  • The secretive, bold High Elves
  • The cleverly skilled and fast tempered Castanics
  • The persistent and knowledgeable Humans

TERA Online's world is made up of free roam areas for players. The areas consist of huge deserts, endless jungles, and more landscapes. As a player, your objective is to join an alliance with other players inorder to save the world from bloodthirsty monsters and become heroes. In order to build your character, you have to go through many quests and through various world zones, all whilst looking out for dangerous mobs. in the TERA world, many tough bosses will be waiting for you. You will be facing many challenges and exploring dungeons. Also, this unique MMORPG presents you with Player vs. Player, where you can duel your friends. In addition, you will enjoy also very well designed battlegrounds (5 V 5 and 10 V 10).

Another feature you might appreciate is the campfire system in game, where you can go to gain bonuses, fix your endurance or to simply meet new people and join quests.