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Tentlan is a free to play RTS game, developed by Lionmoon UG. The game is set in the times of pre-Columbian Americas. Players join the game and start with a small settlement in the center of rainforest in the city of Tentlan. As players advance in the gameplay of Tentlan, they continue to improve and evolve, increasing their power until they become influencers. Next, the players use their influence to build empires. Players have the chance to lead battles with eagle and jaguar warriors, all to build the way to becoming an emperor and leading the people.

Tentlan offers players the possibility to play alone, with other players or against them. The player can either build their own great cities on their own or in cooperation with other players. Another interesting aspect of the game is that players can vouch for science and religion in their tribe. Players as tribe leaders can expand the knowledge of civilization through research and through religious and tribal rituals. Tentlan has PvP and PvE where players can fight other players and face barbarians and threats to the civilization. The strategy feature of Tentlan means that players who know how to play their cards are the real winners; therefore, resources and conquests are not always the highest gain.