Stronghold Kingdoms

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Stronghold Kingdoms is a popular medieval themed MMORTS game developed by Firefly Studios. Stronghold Kingdoms is based on the storyline of the famous franchise: Stronghold. This stunning MMORTS game has been around for more than 10 years and has amassed a massive fan base.

In Stronghold Kingdoms, players have total freedom to design and create their own medieval settlement. Every settlement is unique, because players don’t have to place buildings in specific locations. This MMORTS game has a big focus on the economic system of the world. Players will have to work on gathering and harvesting useful resources. In order to do so, players should build multiple buildings that allow resource gathering, faster construction time, and recruitment of troops. Be cautious when approaching the economy and use your buildings’ strategy to increase your earnings to the maximum. Your income will suffer if you mis-manage your farm land or put too many resource buildings together.

Stronghold Kingdoms had many updates through the year. For example the card example update was introduced a while ago. Players can collect hundreds of available cards, in order to receive some unique benefits and effects. Some cards can help provide you with resources and support your settlement. Other cards can increase the amount of your resources for a specific period. In addition, some cards are military based, which offers you the option to send troop of valiant knights to support and the battle tide.