Star Trek Online

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Star Trek Online is the first free online RPG adaptation of the massively popular Star Trek franchise. Star Trek Online is a sci-fi MMORPG where players dive into a galactic war between: The Federation and the bloodthirsty Klingon race. Star Trek Online is a unique game that was the first high-quality MMORPG support both space and ground combat. Players can join any of two factions: The Federation or The Klingons, playing the starship captain. 

Star Trek Online is characterized by an original mission mechanic. The innovative mission mechanic presents players with scenarios for ground and space combat. Players can have their crew alongside them on the ground combat. Each crew member has the characteristics of a traditional MMORPG archetype, that present squad-based mechanics that are present in FPS games. The groubd missions and battles allow players to explore the grounds with exotic locations, as well as discovering new planets from the edge of the galaxy to the inside of a deadly Klingon starship. Players will also enjoy the space missions and battles. The space missions offer players some exciting ship vs ship battles. During the space battles, players can customize their ships with some cool customization options: combat style, color of the hull, technology upgrades weapons (torpedo's and phasers) and using Federation maneuvers. In addition to ships' customization options,  Star Trek Online players can create their own species. 

This game offer players an authentic and enjoyable Star Trek experience through some unique MMO elemnts, especially being supported by more than 50 years of characters development.