Shooting Girl

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Shooting Girl is a free to play MMORTS game. This turn-based strategy MMO comes with some unique and enjoyable features. On Shooting Girl, players will enjoy anime style fights. Put into place a clever strategy to recruit and train gun-toting team of schoolgirls. Once you enter the world of Shooting Girl, you won’t be able to leave again. Enjoy your time by joining the White Lily Metropolitan Technical College & Boot Camp as rookie instructor. Pretty cool huh..!

Recruit your schoolgirls team and train together in order to stand against your biggest enemy the “UnKnown.”

The Unknown is the boss of Shooting Girl. There isn’t much information about this big enemy who decided a sudden attack on the whole world. Now, it is your turn to contribute to the protection of the world. Gather your trained team and head into the fight. The well trained gun-toting college students will help you in your quest to defeat the unknown. As you advance in the game, you will encounter charismatic characters and unexpected events. All these game features, will grant you the best unique and fun experience.