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Shadowverse is a free to play card game developed by Cygames. Shadowverse is a strategy game that mixes storytelling with tactical multiplayer with storytelling. Gameplay includes deck building and exciting PvP matches. Shadowverse has seven main heroes and character specific card decks are available. These decks contain cards that allow heroes to summon allies, to cast spells and to use amulets. Minions or followers cards have evolving potential. A follower will become more powerful when its attack is increased, will resist enemy attacks when the defense stat is boosted and will gain various strategic skills from tactical effects. There are more than 400 cards available. Each one of the Shadowverse heroes has a specific campaign. Voiced missions and fantasy graphics create a RPG like immersive experience.

Players experience diverse play styles depending on chosen class. Shadowverse heroes are similar to MMORPG classes. Isabelle is a Runecrafter who specializes in alchemy. Rowen has a military background, he represents the Dragoncraft class. Luna the Shadowcrafter is one of the youngest and most dangerous heroes. Those who choose Bloodcraft will play with Urias. Eris belongs to the Havencraft class. Arisa is part of the Forestcraft clan; her role is to protect the nature. Erika specializes in Swordcraft, she has weapon wielding skills. Shadowverse players will know more about each hero by completing their campaign. They will find out why Isabelle dabbles in necromancy, discover Luna's twisted story, join Erika in her vampire hunt and help Urias take down his archenemy. Players choose a hero and craft a deck by choosing from more than 400 different cards. Three types of cards are available. Shadowverse followers are minions that can attack the enemy. Each follower has three attributes: attack, defense and skill. Throughout the game, players can evolve followers to make them more powerful. Not all followers can be evolved so players should plan ahead. Amulets are used to gain buffs. Spells can have varied effects including damage dealing. A spell card can be used just once in a match.