Secret World Legends

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Secret World Legends is a massively multiplayer online role-playing, shared world action game set in modern days. The game is story-driven and is set in modern times, where the real world is being attcked by occult forces. In Secret World Legends players have to face the supernatural, in a dark war where legends and mythical creatures cross over to the real world of modern times. Players should join secret societies that are fighting these attacks. There are three main world-controlling secret societies and player can join one of them. Players then should plan and exploit strategic attacks of Lovecraftian entities. Also, players should be warry of other immortal creatures that are located in Transylvania, rural Egypt, coastal Maine, and a quarantined section of Tokyo. Players can set up strategies to advance the agenda of their chosen secret society over others. Secret World Legends is set in a world themed of horror, folklore and fiction, in contemporary setting. The world of Secret World Legends is foggy and filled with zombies mummies and others.