Savage Hunt

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Savage Hunt is a free to play fantasy MMORPG developed by Gamigo. The game is a successor to the previous successful game by the same developer: Dragon’s Prophet. Savage Hunt is set is an amazing fantasy world that contains all the traditional MMORPG elements that we love. Players can explore this uniquely designed world taming dragons and participating in combats. On Savage Hunt, all dragons are free awaiting to be tamed by players. Dragons are the major core of Savage Hunt. Players will enjoy hunting hundreds of dragons and trying to tame them.  Taming each dragon requires to pass a mini-game that is equivalent to bull riding. The trick here is to hold the curser long enough until the dragon obeys and bends the knee.  

Beyond the great graphics of the game, the dragons are actually a way to evolve and improve combat abilities. Discover different types of dragons as you advance in the game. Some dragons can grant you a taunt ability. One you get hold of the dragon and stabilize it, you can then train it and evolve in the combat options. Savage Hunt is perfect for players who like to hunt and 'collect them all' while enjoying all the taming activities. 

Savage Hunt is the work of more than five years of development, bug fixes, updates and new content, all for the pleasure of fans and players. On Savage Hunt, you will have the chance to tame many dragons while enjoying some entertaining action-based combats. This fantasy game also presents you with large-scale frontier PvP. So get ready to tame your dragon and challenge some other players in combats.