SAO's Legend

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SAO's Legend is a free to play MMORPG packed with action. It is based on the popular anime Sword Art Online. This action game reproduces the original storyline from the anime. Experience epic gameplay and choose one classes from the available original classes. As you travel the world of Aincard, you will find great mounts, legendary weapons, and lovely navigation pixies. Explore the world and live up to the challenges of the game. Female characters from the anime will accompany you in your quest, and help you win your fights.  

SAO's Legend comes with some unique and powerful skills, using the best web technology. Enjoy some fast-pace battles using your skills. Fight for your life, lead your guild, sharpen your sword and achieve success. Become the best and face off unpredictable challenges.  Aincrad is more than world of dreams and freedom, but also a world full of challenges and traps. Do your best to survive, rely on your companions and use your skills to finish your quest. The SAO's Legend world is full with danger, death, horrors, traps, and tricks. Survive the game, and you might find love, friendship, and hope as well.