Revelation Online

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Revelation Online is free to play MMORPG developed by NetEase Games. This breathtaking MMO presents players with some entertaining adventures, various PvP mode, numerous unique classes, and a character optimization option. Revelation Online was developed in 2009, and had many updates and bug fixes; finally the game started having good reception amongst gamers. This MMORPG has great graphics, and uniquely mixes the gameplay and visual style of two very popular current MMORPGs: Aion and Blade and Soul.  BigBang is the game's proprietary engine. Revelation Online is another game by Ease that doesn't disappoint in terms of graphics.

Revelation Online Key features: 

  • You can progress in the game using your favorite play style. You can improve your path of power by developing new class skills. 
  • Flying: your character has wings to take them into battle and to explore the world. 
  • Players can explore and discover the whole world. You can spread your wings or learn how mastery aerial mounts to fly the skies. You can join other groups of players in your quest to discover numerous dungeons. Join the adventure and discover the mystery behind unfolding artifacts in some amazing scenery. 
  • Choose one of six classes: from a demonic necromancer to a fierce tanking Paladin, and there are no gender locks on the characters. 
  • Enjoy quests, dungeons, battles, various battlegrounds, PvP and more. 


Revelation Online launches MOBA inspired game

MMORPG Revelation Online just announced that it will launch MOBA-inspired 5v5 game mode with the Mythical Conflict update of today. This spin mode will be separate and you initial character choice wil Read more