Rakshasa Street of Demons

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Rakshasa Street of Demons is an anime styled MMORPG. This new generation game is browser based and comes whit some interesting features. Rakshasa Street of Demons   has a unique battle system, an original story line, colorful game effects, and stunning animation. You will have a thrilling time playing this adventurous game and forgetting yourself in the original storyline.

In the world of Rakshasa Street of Demons, the game bosses: demons and ghosts live in the most dangerous street called the Street of Demons. All streets have very powerful guardians to watch over it and protect it: Generals of Souls. You choose a hero and embark in a journey to help and save Lin, a lady architect that fell into Demon Street when she was looking for work. Now Lin is in the possession of a General of souls and facing all the cruel demons of the afterlife street.

Rakshasa Street of Demons Key Features:

  • Dynamic fights: Join thrilling battles.
  • Incredible atmosphere: spend your time in a spooky and dark afterlife world.
  • Breathtaking story: enjoy a storyline with various unfolding events.
  • Play with friends: play with your friends and invite them to join you in your quest in this unique threatening world.
  • Visual journey: the game has great visual effects with colorful.
  • PVP battles:  You can even challenge other players into battles and get rewards out of it.