Ragnarok Online

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Ragnarok Online is very popular and successful MMORPG that was originally released in 2001. Ragnarok Online was developed by Gravity and was always a pay to play game, which made the Ragnarok private server very popular. Gravity launched a free to play version of the game, and the free game server pays for itself by selling shop 'cash shop items'. The free to play server is supposedly similar to the private server with a difference of a slow experience gain. Ragnarok Online is a 3D MMORPG with awesome visuals. It is set in a huge fantasy world filled with dungeons and bosses to be explored by players and offers a wide selection of classes. Ragnarok Online survived in the competition with other newers MMORPGS that to its regular updates. 

Characters in Ragnarok Online are 2D and they interact in a 3D environment. The game offers different gameplay types: P v E, Guild vs Guild, PvP, Player vs Monster, Arena Combat, Group vs Group, and Player vs All. Players can enjoy the gameplay with many challneges and quests where they try to win awards and prizes. Players can sell and buy items in stores aound town. The stores are different from one city to the other, and each city is affiliated with a job and its items/merchandise. Players can enjoy quests because they offer new skills and receiving prize such as rare items. 

Ragnarok Online has the traditional MMORPG elements: large scale PvP with rivaling guilds that fight for castles. The game offers 50 unique classes with unique playstyle and skills. The game has weekly events with numerous contests for player to win prizes.