Rage War

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Rage War is a free to play MMO game by Fury Studio. This strategy game follows the the history of human evolution. You will start the game in a small village; you should develop it and turn it into a big city. As you progress in the game, you will develop the city into a great megapolis with fortifications, amazing buildings and shining castles. Prepare your tactics and carefully put your strategy in place. In Rage War, you will encounter a massive technology tree that unlocks many new features that will change your gameplay. You will then have to change your strategy and tactics due to the upgrade that the tree unlocks such as: new units and additional buildings. This will help you with you military campaigns and city development.  

Rage War has an advanced trading system that helps you fetch offer on a global scale. Forge alliances in order to get the best offers in the market. If you’re feeling like an entrepreneur, start your own brewery that makes the best ale and launch it in the global market. If you don’t like this idea, try building a wine cellar and achieve success.

Use your military leadership skills in order to scout your neighbors’ weaknesses and attack them. You have to be cautious in your play style and strategies, as your allies can turn into enemies when they see a proper occasion. So, if you see an opportunity to crush your neighbors, don’t waste it. Alliance and unity is good, but survival and success are better in the world of Rage War.