Planet Calypso

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Planet Calypso is a unique sci-fi MMO game that features real-cash economy. Players start the game by landing on planet Calypso as a Colonist. You will find the planet in a troubled state after the robot wars. Now, your role as a colonist is to rebuild the planet after the war destruction and construct a solid foundation for humans on Calypso. In order to set a good foundation for the human civilization, you can explore the Calypso world. Discover the lands, search for resources, hunt animals and even fight some remaining robots. You're not the only one who is trying to re-build the planer, you will be challenged by other players and you can fight them in PvP mode. 

Planet Calypso has many update regularly.  Some notable updates concern the redesign of the "Gateway" and the "Start Room."  Developers integrated these updates based on some surveys' feedback by gamers. Also, the game was updated to have a simpler and linear layout, that make is easier for new players discovering the game, to integrate the world of Calypso. Players also have a more holistic view on the gameplay of Planet Calypso and Entropia Universe, through the “New Colonist Experience.”