Pit of War

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Pit of War is a free to play MMORPG developed by Outcast Games. Pit of War is a fantasy MMO is set in world called the Great Realm. Players of Pit of War's mission is to train gladiators for arena fights. The greatest entertainment in the cruel world of the Great Realm is to watch gladiators fighting to death. Players-who are called masters - send their gladiators to fight in a battleground arena called the Pit. Slaves are bought from the slave market, then they get send to gladiator schools to be trained by the masters to become fierce fighters. Pit of War masters are in charge of gladiator schools.

Pit of War key features:

  • Gladiators: The game has different types of gladiators and players must choose one specialization for their gladiators. The players then engage in one of the three available training paths: war, rage, and theatrics.
  • War gladiators:  master powerful weapons due to their excellent skills. They are highly skilled, disciplined, and have excellent weapon technique.
  • Rage gladiators: fiercely hack and slash their opponents. They have good attacks in the battlefield and don't care that much about their own lives. They are trained pit soldiers who live fight in the Pits. Rage gladiators are also called elite warriors.
  • Theatrics gladiators: like to enjoy their fights and showcase some theatrical fighting skills. These showmen know how play with their opponents and how to mix some spectacular moves with combats. They usually wear flashy outfit and win the fights by creative and unexpected moves.
  • Slave market: players can buy slaves to train in their schools and to sell trained fighters.
  • Other Facilities: gladiator stables are a housing facility for gladiators that can be upgraded. Weapons and armors can be bought from The blacksmith sells weapons and armor. The black Market has poisons, potions and other unusual items.
  • PvP:  some thrilling PvP arena fights. For the fights, the system matches players with other players who have the same rating.