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Paladins is multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Hi-Rez Studios. The game features a diverse frowing pool of characters. The characters come with skills, quick matches and a card-based skill system. The fast skilled characters and and the customization options make Paladins the perfect MMO game for gamers who love MOBA and shooters.

In Paladins, players join teams that fight against each other. Players join the game and become fighters/ combatants  who enter the battles against others. Each combatabt has a primary weapon, combat and movement abilities, and a personal mount to for transportation from one fight to the other. Players start matches with a set of customizable skill cards. The skill cards can be activated at any moment of the match and can be evolved to level up utility, strength and defense  during the match.

Paladins Key Features: 

  • Team Based Gameplay: you can join 5v5 matches based on teamwork. Strategize with your team and use their unique weapons and abilities to the team's advantage. 
  • Stack the Deck: as you advance in the game, aim to gain skill cards which help you evolve by boosting many abilities and weapons.
  • Great Graphics: the game's cool aesthetics make the gameplay more enjoyable.
  • Items: you can start to earn currency and then purchase items and objects in orer to enhance your character and evolve. 
  • Close Quartered Maps: the simple map design of the game allows players to find each other easily and fight one another..