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Overwatch is a team-based FPS developed by Blizzard. Overwatch comes with unique graphics and a wide selection of universal group of heroes. Overwatch is set in fiction world representing the Earth several years into the futures. in Overwatch, the Earth is in the time of a global crisis. The Overwatch was an option for global peace and was supported by the United Nations, before its disbanding. The storyline of Overwatch starts with some heroes who want gather the team back together. Players can get into groups and start by shooting satellites into space in order to spread the word and put the organization back together. 

Overwatch Key Features :

  • The game is an easy to play game; however, it can be hard to master. The developers made sure to include their own spin on the game, similar to other FPS games they've developed before. Make sure to train well in order to master Overwatch.
  • Form teams with other players, including 6 people from all over the Overwatch Earth. Join entertaining fights on some very popular stages. The game offers unlimited battlegrounds on the ground and in the sky. 
  • Team Synergy: unite your team of heroes. Make sure to properly divide the roles with team members based on players' unique abilities. Work on your strategies and combos, and make sure to communicate with your team. 


New Overwatch Workshop introduced by Blizzard

Blizzard Vice President Jeff Kaplan introduced Overwatch Workshop that is already live on the OW PTR. With this workshop, players will be able to create and craft games themselves. In his words to pl Read more