Operation 7

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Operation 7 is a fast paced first person shooter game published by Mgame and locoYo. Players can thouroughly enjoy this FPS game's modern age weapons. When players join the game, they start with basic minimal gear, and as they advance in the game and prove their worth on the battlefield, they will earn higher ranks and money. Players with high ranks and money can then seek and purchase more equipment and powerful guns. 

Operation 7 has an entertaining gameplay, where 24 player face eachpthe roff in battles. The battles occur in three gameplay modes: Survival, Death Match, and Head Hunting. At the beginning, every player has 30,000 in game gold, and as they advance in the gameplay, they will need to level up this amountn in order to start using more powerful guns. The game allows players to customize their guns through a weapon modification system. The weapon modification system of Operation 7 offers players the possibility to modify parts of the guns and all guns' types: Kobs, Dot Sights, Gun Body, Scopes, Silencers, and Barrels. Or, players can build their own gun if they like. Moreover, players can level up in the game by purchasing new gear: belts and body armor.

In the Operation 7 world, maps are based on the real places, for example you can explore the Alkatraz Prison if you've never been there. Also, players can highly customize their characters: appearance, clothing, avatars: gangsta, soldier....