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NosTale is a free to play, colorfully animated MMORPG  hosted on the popular Game Forge MMO portal. NosTale takes place in an anime inspired world featuring some of the most unique map designs ever seen in browser MMO's, whether you're exploring the busy little village of NosVille, or you're searching the deepest depths of Maple Woods, every area has been crafted brilliantly, complimented by a unique, high-quality art style.

NosTale features a highly unique character class and progression system based on the accumulation of class cards. To begin with all players start out as a Rookie class, completing quests and defeating monsters until they reach level 15. Once a player reaches level 15 they can choose which path they want to take, including Archer, Swordsman and Mage. Each of the archetypes can then expand into 4 further specializations for that class, creating a total of 15 different NosTale classes. There are 3 unique specialist classes that players can use, but these are not obtained simply by leveling. Each of the 3 specialist classes is associated with a certain card, players must complete a specific quest or dungeon or order to unlock the class. NosTale is one of the only MMORPG games to implement an item unlocking system for classes, creating a truly approach to the standard MMORPG class system.