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Nidia or Nidia: Evolution of The Ring is a browser MMORPG set in a unique fantasy world. The game offers stunning graphics no matter where you playing it due to its 3D unique development techniques; you can enjoy the game on: the game's official website, Google Chrome, Facebook, Mozilla Firefox.... Nidia is an action RPG where players enter the game's fantasy world and fight its unfamiliar rulers. For centuries, the world of Nidia was ruled by intelligent and fierce dragons. The powerful dragons have always preyed on weaker inhabitants of the land. People who live in the holy realm of Nidia call these hard time and devastation as the "Age of Dragons".  A while ago, a Champion raged war and used the power of the Rings to o save the world. The champion succeeded in forcing the dragons into their pits and brought peace to the realm. However, it didn't last for long and the Dragons are now coming back to finish the devastation they started. Your mission is to become a champion and save the holy realm of Nidia from these destructive dragons. 

Nidia Key Features:

  • Choose a unique character upgrade its sat and skills as you advance in the game.
  • Defeat the Order of the Dragons by searching for the Dragon Rings.
  • Enjoy some thrilling combats against bosses and dragons.
  • Explore tons of dark dungeons
  • Enjoy PvP action
  • Don’t miss regular events to boost your play style.