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There is a large variety of My Free Zoo items and decorations. My Free Zoo can house lots of animals from common ones to rare and exotic types. Some animals are playful creatures and need a playground to spend their energy. They also need to be fed and have access to water. If My Free Zoo animals are well entertained and happy, visitors will be in a good mood and eager to come back to your zoo. There are 2 ways to get My Free Zoo animals: in game shop or animal cards. In order to be happy, My Free Zoo animals must be fed, entertained and groomed. You can do this task yourself or hire NPCs to help. It’s important to have one male and one female in the same enclosure. They will eventually breed and you can use the babies. My Free Zoo friends can send each other gifts, help with zoo tasks and gain XP. The more My Free Zoo free MMO buddies you have, the faster you’ll advance. XP is also gained from: completing My Free Zoo quests, taking care of animals, watering flowers, placing decorations and releasing animals into the wild.

Players use 2 types of My Free Zoo currency: zoo dollars and diamonds. Zoo dollars are in game money and diamonds are premium currency. Booster game is a My Free Zoo feature that allows players to get cards. There are animals and item cards. There are 3 types of My Free Zoo cards: bronze, silver and gold. Players can get 4 free bronze cards each day. They will need to spend diamonds for the other 2 types. My Free Zoo is a free to play MMO with an achievement system. A zoo can be expanded by increasing its size. This way, you have more room for animals and decorations and provide more entertainment for visitors. There are 4 My Free Zoo visitor types: children, men, women and seniors. Each type has certain demands. My Free Zoo has cute colorful graphics.