Mortal Online

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Mortal Online is an FPS game developed by Star Vault. This MMORPG has stunning graphics and advanced gameplay that corresponds to the next generation PC MMORPG. Mortal Online is set in a fantasy world with no PvP zones. Players are free to choose their own paths. You have full control over your character, as you decide how to use your skills and moves during thrilling real-time combat. You can rule the whole nation with your allies, using diplomacy, violence or power.  Make sure to build a keep by setting up a guild or build your own house. You have pool of races and professions to choose from.  Your professions and races' choice helps you pick your play style and whether to focus on PvP or PvE. If this is not fun enough for you, you can also dive into magic trading, combat and crafting. Explore the unique world of Mortal Online and explore new tools, skills and resources. Put your name on the map by discovering new areas. 

Mortal Online Key Features:

  • Sandbox World: divide your time between crafting, finish, PvP, or even fighting other creatures. 
  • Expansive World:  explore the marvelous and graphically stunning environment (ancient ruins, sunburned deserts...).
  • Guilds:  Rage wars against your neighbors to conquer their lands and build your own fort by joining a guild.
  • In-Depth Crafting: devote your character to crafting and become an artisan. 
  • PvP:  engage in some PvP action, stealing from other town and more.