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Metin 2 is an oriental themed, action-based MMORPG available free to play on the GameForge MMO portal. Metin 2 includes an exciting array of action-based features, all wrapped up with oriental characters and architectural designs, creating a unique atmosphere in a secret world of exotic martial-arts.

Metin 2 has a heavy focus on fluid, fast-paced combat, and has many mechanics in place to ensure you get the best combat experience every-time you engage the enemy. You can hit multiple enemies at once, if you're able to aim the ability correctly. This allows skilled players to be able to defeat large groups of monsters quickly and efficiently. However, this would be far too easy without the monster backup system. Metin 2 features extensive AI for enemy monsters, making them form parties and attacking you in groups. Even if you're strong enough to fight off a large group of monsters, they're able to summon reinforcements and try to attempt to change the flow of battle. This keeps you on your toes, always expecting an ambush or group of monsters to call aid, creating for highly interesting combat scenarios.

Players have access to large-scale, kingdom vs kingdom fights that take place in the middle of the game continent. Each kingdom sends their strongest warriors to attack their enemies and claim the prize. The victorious kingdom will be rewarded with a large number of exciting benefits such as in-game currency and the possession of the land, giving that kingdom a variety of buffs and bonuses. Kingdom PvP also increases glory and honor points, currency that is used to purchase unique, PvP specific items.