March of Empires

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March of Empires is an MMORTS game developed by Gameloft. Embark in the unique world of March of Empires and put your strategies to win the throne by using the art of war. Rage war to conquer real territories, get crowned and become the Desert Sultan, Northern Czar or Highland King. 

March of Empires Key Features: 

  • The empire is in your hands: create buildings, strategically dispatch armies and start discussion with fellow players.  
  • Choose your title: choose one of the three factions to rule, and properly use your faction's strengths to receive your title: Desert Sultan, Northern Czar or Highland King. 
  • Conquer regions and build a nation: Grow your kingdom daily by invading territories and create structures that will help you forge alliances and progress in the game. 
  • Engage in tactical battles: Strategically time your actions choose suitable battle formations, take advantage of the constantly changing seasons. 
  • Join in massive alliance warfare: forge alliances and use the alliance management system to your advantage.