Magnificent 5

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Magnificent 5 is a spin-off of the popular cowboy game Wild West Online. Magnificent 5 is set in a wild west-themed open world. This game is action-packed and comes with thrilling PvP battles. This Spin off is enjoyed by many players around the world, who appreciate to play games some resources gathering, skill develoment and world exploration. 

Magnificent 5 has twenty teams. Each team of the game has five players who engage in fierce fights to win the battle. You should know that players who have a copy of Wild West Online will have access to Magnificent 5 with the same account. 

Magnificent 5 key features: 

  • Skill progression with: saddle skins, costumes and more items.
  • Persistent rewards.
  • Upgraded and customizable weapons
  • Availability of seasonal play and advancement
  • Regular challenging events with prizes to win 
  • Regular rewarding events