Magic: The Gathering Arena

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Magic: The Gathering Arena is a very popular and successful 2D and free to play MMO game, developed by Wizards of the Coast. It is a collectible card game where players can build their decks based on their chosen play style. Players can also challenge other players around the world into thrilling card battles in real time.

Players can enjoy the game further by gaining extra cards with getting good achievements on the game, and available booster packs. The game is known for its well designed cards and artworks. The players can start by picking a deck of the available 5 decks: Tactical Assault Deck, Blue Arcane Interventions, Black Graveyard bash deck, Red Dragon’s Fire deck, and Green Forest’s Might deck. On Magic: The Gathering Arena, each deck comes with a theme for cards, strategies, and tactics that allows players to showcase their different skills. Moreover, players can participate in tournaments and follow up with regular events to climb the ranking scale and get more boosters and achievements.