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Mabinogi is a free to play MMORPG developed by devCAT. This fanatsy game has some of the coolest MMORPG features. Player will enjoy these Mabinogi features: dungeons, pets, spirit weapons, crafting, unique skills, a dynamic combat system, and an original music creation system. Mabinogi is set in a dynamic fantasy world where players enjoy intresting activities. Take sometime to appreciate nature's beauty, and other activities such as sitting in a campfire withe friends. Explore this unique world as you do day to day activities like making food, design clothing, an deven composing music. Use your imagination and feel free to be creative; compose and perform your original musical pieces on this fun and unique game. 

Mabinogi Key Features: 

  • Befriend NPCs: build strong bonds with NPCs by visiting them often an d oing them favors, as they recall all interactions with players. 
  • Part time jobs: further build bonds with NPCs as you take on some part time job position where you help NPCs.
  • Design clothes:  Tailor your own clothes using sheep, threads, and fabrics.  
  • Compose music: Give room to your creativity and create your own music. Use soundratcks from popular video games such as: Final Fanatsy and Zelda. Earns some extra coins by placing a donation box on your creations. 
  • Go fishing: If your tired and go fishing to relax. 
  • Start cooking: Prepare your own food and try mixing ingredients to develop your cooking skills. 
  • Earn titles: there are 100+ available unlockable titles.