Lost Saga

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Lost Saga is a free to play fighting online game developed by IO Entertainment. Lost Saga is a fast paced and action-packed game with adrenaline-pumping combat. Start the game by choosing one of the available 60+ iconic Heroes, from legendary King Arthur to the comical Don Quixote. Prepare a team of 12 heroes and get them ready to join the fight at any moment. Switch heroes during a combat in order to adequately use their skills and create deadly and fierce combos. Lost Saga is not considered an MMORPG but rather, a brawler game that has multiple game modes. Lost Saga comes with various game modees that suite everyone's preferences: from coperative dungeon running to PvP battles. 

Lost Saga Key Features:

  • Choose a character that suits you fromthe 1000+ available characters. 
  • Play in the game mode you prefer and changed whenever you're bored.
  • Enjoy some thrilling fights using fun combos.