Lost Ark

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Lost Ark is a 3D MMORPG developed by Smilegate. This game offers an amazing gaming experience with its unique features that include: action- packed play style, dynamic quarter view angle, and non targeting combat system. 

Lost Ark is set in a destructed and troubled world that lives in the ruins of a destructive account by the demon army of Kazeros. Kazeros wants to invade the human world by opening the Chaos Gate using his six legions. The world now is in chaos and doesn't have any heroes or saviours, no one remembers how the demons were defeated before, nor the Ark that helped defeating them. Your mission in Lost Ark is to go through a fun and adventurous journey the Lost Ark world and put the pieces together to face the demons' army. 

Lost Ark Key Features:

  • Vast open world: Explore this vast world that is filled with dangers, boss fights, puzzles, dangers, and comes with amazing graphics. 
  • Varied classes: Choose one of the numerous available classes, to match your preferred play style
  • Tripod system: Set up unique combos by enhancing your skills and creating your own properties. 
  • Combo based combat: Choose a character and use the 8-skill system to create your own combos.
  • Customizable path: Keep enhancing your life skills and unlock  hidden treasures and dungeons
  • Ride in style: Ride your ship to travel the world and beware of bosses.