Lineage 2

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Lineage 2 is a popular MMORPG developed by NCSoft, and it is a prequel to the original game by the same name. Lineage 2 is set in land where three kingdons are fighting a vicious war. The game comes with big server-wide PvP battles, real time tactical decisions, advanced combat system, raid bosses, clans, pets, hall and mounts. Lineage 2 went through many content patches since it launch including: The Chaotic Throne, The Chaotic Chronicle, and Goddess of Destruction. Players enjoyed an item shop and a free to play model in Goddess of Destruction.

Lineage 2 Key Features: 

  • Variety of classes: choose one of the 30+ available classes, have a sub class, and even a dual class based on your progress in the game. 
  • Tons of content: you will never get bored with the game thanks to the regular updates and patches. 
  • Throw a glove: Choose to PK or duel in the open world PvP. There are even available PvE options are available, and the best stages left till the end. 
  • Unique skill tree system: You gain SP instead of skill points and you can invest them to get new abilities from the skill tree.