Legends of Honor

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Legends of Honor is a free to play MMORTS published by Goodgame Studios. It is the sister game of Empire: Four Kingdoms, Bi Farm, and Goodgame Empire. This browser RTS game features all the classic elements of browser MMORTS game. Players will enjoy resource management, city building, recruitable units, a hero system, and of course PvP gameplay. The game comes with some unique factions: Order of the Golden Claw, Warriors of the Wild Lands and the Knights of Ash and Shadow. Legends of Honor's factions are all inspired by the popular Song of Ice & Fire series by George R.R. Martin. When choosing a faction, players have access to castles with colored flags and alliances linked to the faction. Moreover, players will get an in-game identity that will be usefull in the future to merge with other players and cooperate to win over their powerful enemies. Legends of Honor’s world is set to be explored by players, in order to discover the map and find enemies that can be conquered for resources.

Legends of Honor Key Features: 

  • Heroes will lead the armies in battles.
  • Work on collaboration and forge alliances with players from around.
  • PvP: you can challenge other players in PvP mode.
  • Build your castle and customize it to become the ruler of your house. 
  • Join the adventure and explore the huge map for treasures to gain and enemies to destroy.
  • Build your strategies and smartly conquer the terrains you desire .