League of Angels 3

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League of Angels 3 a free to play MMORPG from the successful and popular  League of Angels series. League of Angels 3 is set in stunning world with more advanced gorgeous angels and some challenging battles. Similar to the it predecessors, LoA3 , players start a unique quest to save the world.  Your mission is to fight demonic beast and defeat their vile masters by recruiting a team of angels. League of Angels 3’s easy and original gameplay is set to put players into action as soon as they start the game, while deploying some strategic moves to advance in the game. Make sure to carefully choose equipment and make up, as they are essential to your success in the game. Also, maximize your damage against your opponents by activating special abilities on Angels at the right time. 

League of Angels 3 comes with a thrilling and rich storyline that set in a marvelous fantasy world. Also the game has great content to keep hooked, with a wide selection of characters, a large map, a stunning world to explore, and challenging battles.