League of Angels 2

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League of Angels 2 is a popular free to play MMORPG developed by GTArcade. League of Angels 2 is the sequel to very popular MMRPG by the same name. The game comes with similar gameplay to its predecessor, with new content and additional elements. Players can now upgrade angels, heroes, and holy relics thanks to the new progress feature. The League of Angels 2 champions and angels have more abilities and can be upgraded to unique complex character. Players will enjoy additional advancement features such as: training and evolving Angels to make them more powerful and the possibility to get gear for the champions. 

The game comes with a selection of over 60 characters, including heroes and angels. Each one belongs to a different faction. League of Angels 2's characters come from the three major Angel Empires. Mida Kingdom characters believe in equal chances and freedom. Tempest Kingdom members are big war fans. The Celestial Kingdom members' quest is to help others. Players are allowed to get companions from all kingdoms. League of Angels 2's storyline is revealed through a quest. Players should defeat bosses in the numerous stages and chapters of each dungeon. As you progress to Level 15, you will get access to more challenging and higher level dungeons. In addition, you can gain awards in the Palace Dungeon even when you're AFK. You can get prizes by playing the daily quests. Enjoy other activities such as the Hero trial, a PvE that allows you upgrade heroes through item purchase. Don't forget the great Abyss event, where you can obtain many treasures.

League of Angels 2 also has the other traditional MMORPG features: mounts, guilds, a fashion system, and a PvP Arena for 1v1 matches.