Last Chaos

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Last Chaos is a free-to-play MMORPG that takes you on the Iris fantastic continent torn by war. At the heart of clashes between the different people of the fantastic medieval world of Iris, Last Chaos, the free MMORPG (F2P) is based largely on the open fight between players.In the world of Last Chaos, lived together three worlds: Lands of Darkness under the dominion of Eres. The world of light, guided by the Apollo and Iris the land of the mortal races. 

Eres thirst for conquest and power was unlimited. He raised an Army and soon the land of mortals was ravaged by demonic hordes. Given the inexorable destruction of the world of Iris, Apollo, tried to thwart Eres plans. Eres  Armies were too big and no one could protect the mortal races of their violence. However, Eres had given the Titans colossal strength , Apollo decided to give them intelligence and free will.Titans turned against their creator to fight alongside the people of Iris. During a Seven days  terrible battle between Eres Shadow and Apollo’s Light, the gods fought in an epic battle . At the end of the seventh day, exhausted, the gods left, leaving the world of Iris destroyed in the anarchy and confusion.